Static Websites

If you need a simple website without the need to update content often a Static Website might be for you. 

Static Websites offer a cheap and reliable way to get your product or service on the Web. Static Sites are websites that do not use databases. They are built using HTML, CSS and Javascript. No php is involved.

The benefits are that static websites are very fast (since there is no calls to the database nor is there complicated programming that needs to be decoded by the server). The hosting of a Static Website is also significantly cheaper. This is because database access and scripting languages like PHP pose most of the security threats a website can pose. Without all the resource requirements you can save on hosting costs.

Unfortunately static websites are fairly limiting in that you can’t have interactive features easily. A common feature that a static website excludes is a contact form. It’s not impossible to create a contact form on a static site, but it is more complicated than with a CMS (Content Management System) web application like WordPress. It might also require a monthly service from a 3rd party to make it work.

Another downside is that you need a coder to make changes to most static sites. You could teach yourself how to use a static site generator like Hugo or Jekyll. This will require a good command of command line user interface (bash) and markdown. We might offer workshops to help people learn these skills if the demand is there. 

We can build you a beautiful static website starting from as little as R2500.

We offer hosting of Static Sites we built and maintain. A change to the content of your website will be charged at our hourly rate for Website Creation.

Static hosting at R1200 per year up front which includes:

  • A .com or domain renewal
  • One mail box with up to 512 MB of storage 

Additional Charges you should be aware of:

  • Static Sites with a contact form hosted on our server will be charged on H0 rates.
  • A contact form mechanism provided by a 3rd party will have additional charges.

Static Site Monthly package at R350/month


  • Monthly hosting including unlimited email accounts and 5GB storage
  • Two content changes per month
  • Yearly domain renewal (.com or only)
  • Free Website Revamp! Clients in good standing will be eligible for a free major revamp to the look and feel of the Static Website every 18 to 24 months. Subject to the scope and complexity of the revamp.