Digital Marketing Retainer with bi-monthly newsletter

Including Bi-Monthly Newsletter

Includes all the benefits and services from the standard digital marketing retainer option as well as:

  1. Monitoring 2 or 3 Dimensions such as Traffic, Loading Speeds, Search Funnel or Social Media mentions.
  2. A quarterly report on monitored dimensions with recommendations for web app architectural tweaks, SEO adjustments, Digital Advertising or Social Media.
  3. Website Management Hosting (H1) included (Managed Hosting, security maintenance and routine backups).
  4. Minor tweaks and changes to your Web App at our discretion.
  5. Free Website Revamp! Clients in good standing will be eligible for a free major revamp to the look and feel of the Web App every 18 to 24 months. Subject to the scope and complexity of the revamp.

Plus Email/Newsletter Marketing:

  1. Tweaks to your website to encourage visitors to sign-up to your newsletter
  2. A bi-monthly newsletter to your subscribers (up to 1999 subscribers)  including layout, design, copy (the words) and scheduling.
  3. A report on the newsletter with recommendations for future topics and possible actions to be taken regarding your digital marketing program or product offering.